Saturday, September 5, 2009

im so sory dear..!!

i'm sorry
that the first word you will hear..
if u know what really happen
because i really want to say sorry
on what had happen to me

if you are in my shoe
i'm not sure you understand
because this is something that i can't control
it's happen suddenly

maybe its my fault
because i have changed
but you should know
i also need my real life

i never meant to blame you
but you need to change

yes, you take care of me
you love me for sure...

i just can't, i don't know why
i hope you to understand
it's not like i don't love you
but i need my own space..
to think what is best for me...

im so sorry dear...!!

xoxo ema


criestz said...

lirik lagu ke ema ???

ema said...

lirik haty..
ngeee ~


gdo ngn bf ke??

ema said...

kak kecik.. xgado pon.. quote ni tetibe jer tekua dlm pale my. hehehe

ixora said...

ingt gado td...da, amik kad ry kt my blog..samat beraya!