Sunday, August 30, 2009


you said you love me on an evening
I smile ...
we did not spent a long time
but we feel so close..
is that Love ? i think so..
because i love you very much
from the first day we met
times is too short to know each other,
you've take my smile
you make my evening without sun
i'm so frustrated
and sad
how could this happen to me
how could i live my life without you
who will make me smile, again..
i am in between
between you and him
i promise i'll be with you
but its not as easy as i said
i didn't blame you
i didn't blame this love
because i know a true love not always together
so that it can be more strong
like what you make me stronger
with your love even just for a moment
i appreciate every single moment
because it really meant to me
and i will never forget that,

lots of luv,
xoxo ema


criestz said...

nyanyi la same ema.. pat2 =)

ema said...

haha sore sgt sumbang.. hehe
ni poem yg tercipta secare tibe2... hahaha :))

a s m said...

love perkataan yg mudah diungkap oleh sesiapa

zamspotte said...

lovely quote...

ema said...

a s m.. mmg love sume org leh ungkapkan... tp ramai yg x memahami erti LOVE.. btoi x?

zampotte.. luahan prasan lar :)